What happens when you violate a safety warning? Marius Ando, 35, an intern in Exponius Research Center, disappeared 10 rotations ago after just 3 days on the site. According to reports he has commenced a stroll around Exponius terrain without a helmet. The rescue team was unable to locate Marius. By the end of the rotation period a new sproutwomb was detected on Exponius which quickly developed into a new structure - a male-female double. The left part of the structure looked exactly like Marius. Further enquiry has led to identification of the right part of the piece as Marius' ex-girlfriend Anita who was declared missing on her home planet on the same day as Marius. As it is clear to scholars today, the soil of Exponius had detected Marius' brainwave activity and mistaken him for an encoded fertilizer - the substance used by Exponius artists to create and further affect their work. The outcome was fatal, but the sculpture is considered one of the masterpieces of Exponius.


Nekta Polymorphous - a home planet of Exponius - was long abandoned by its indigenous population. Only two things are known about it - Nekta's inhabitants were non-humanoid and they created Exponius as a work of art. Short after humans first landed on Nekta the prospector team discovered Exponius. When they saw the first sculpture they mistook it for a humanoid local and immediately reacted with a rapid unwarned destructive weapon attack*. However, as the true nature of the piece was a vegetative one it reacted to the attack with rapid growth, induced by the legacy radioactive elements of the explosive wave and the time-accelerating particles in the structure's tissue. Within seconds it evolved into a sculpture of approximately 2000 earth meters high. The weapon's AI automatically focused the attack on the central cavity of the piece. Until now it remains unclear why the piece has not initiated the regenerative algorithm encoded in all Exponius sculptures. The most popular theory speculates that the artwork's sentience has deliberately chose to abandon the piece and leave the cavity unfixed. The cavity thus serving as a symbolic representation of the first contact of humanoids with Exponius.

The Brainonaut

After the end of R-Wars researchers managed to understand the basic technology used by the artists to create Exponius. The soil of the site is infiltrated by a huge root system - the "Womb". The Womb is potentially capable of sprouting an endless variety of plants. The plants resemble humanoids and their organs. However the organs do not necessarily have the same function as they do in a human body. In a structure that you see at the brain-looking cysts above the plant's body are in fact balloons that keep the body levitating. The shape of the specific structure is determined by the receptors in the soil*.


"Xians turned my brother into some techno liana at Exponius" - this statement by Margareta Stern has eventually put an end to the Reduction Wars. In a midst of the R-Wars* Exponius was under temporary Xian control. Human propaganda disseminated a few Exponius flicks to claim that Xians used forced mutation as a torture tool against humanoid prisoners. Xian's denied torture and did not grant human access to the planet. The Missing Persons Foundation (MPF) than hired the Bangalorian Gang** to deploy a secret mission to Xian and collect the structures' DNA. The hope was to use the genomes to connect the supposed prisoners to their loved ones back on the humanoid planets. The Gang leader was killed during the mission. The remaining Bangalorians have cut off the leg of one of the structures and delivered it to Earth.


Exponius was long thought to be an ancient organ farm or a food lab for an unknown local species. It all changed when Dr. Sforrzi declared it was in fact not more than just a piece of art. This shocked* the scientific community and Dr. Sfforzi's presentation at the 17th Exponius research symposium was boycotted by 200,000 researchers. After 1/3 rotations new sproutwomb has hatched near his hotel room. The new structure portrayed nothing else but Dr. Sforzzi's mental state** after the presentation. It made completely clear to the symposium that Dr.'s theory was right and Exponius was in fact nothing but a huge organic self-generating art exhibition.


Exponius was created long before first traces of humanoid DNA emerged in the multiverse. How did the artists come up with the humanoid shapes for the structures? The answer became clear when the structures at were found. The first one is one of the oldest pieces of Exponius. It has no reference to humanoid body and looks like a dynamic plant - exactly like the artists looked like themselves. Next to it is the structure at - made by the same artist. It is aesthetically similar to the previous but already has certain humanoid traces. Apparently at some point the masters of Exponius started to strive for abstraction in art to express visions that would transgress the monotonous jogtrot of their physical reality. In their strive they intuitively developed humanoid shapes which were as abstract as it could get for this locality of the Multiverse.*


Warning! Adult section* of the Exponius site starts at Please check your oDT level and respond accordingly.

The only adult section sculpture currently open for public is Ishtar - the first one where the artist has realized the idea of creating a body with two portals in the bottom of the sculpture's middle section - at the same location as the vagina and anus for humanoid females. Without having ever seen a functioning human the genius artist was still able to imagine the fertilizing cylinder entering the portals. However in its imagination fertilization took place not in the womb but in the body system as a whole. The fertilization motive was so persistent during a so-called "Penetrative" period in Exponius art that the adult section of the exhibition contains several hundred pieces.


It was always a question whether the Exponius structures were in any way sentient. 3 rotations ago the Naggar Saddhana Lab performed sentience tests on the structures at The Naggar tests had proven the structure lacked any traces of conscience and all its reactions to protocols were automatic DNA-encoded sequences. However, on the next day a new structure hatched at clearly resembled the first test subject but looked as the human heads were at a different stage of their lifecycle. The Naggar Saddhus performed tests on the new structures have proven them to be sentient. At the moment you can purchase a selection of postcards with poetry transcoded from the structure's signal at the Exponius Foundation shop.


The Exponius artists never knew how the real human body functions. Humanoidness was for them nothing more than a shape. But they experimented with it and over time their results became closer and closer to the real humanoid body systems. The "Innamorati" structure is one of the early examples of that. The artist created a hormonal exchange between the two sides of the piece. The hormone composition is exactly similar to Earth humans' "love". With the only difference - the tongues in the middle of the structure exchange huge amounts of thyroid hormone toxin - potentially lethal. The structures could die from it if the artist did not thread a toxin disposal system through the vegetative part of the piece.


Organic oxytocine extract shots are available at this point. The structure at is a self- sufficient oxytocine producing system. This structure is connected to one of the latest hatchings on the wombsystem and is apparently one of the most advanced pieces. The artists have excelled in creating humanoid physiological systems and went on with creating social systems.This plant represents a so-called "Family" consisting of one male, one female and one human child. This social structure is known to produce human Oxytocine. The structure is transfused with Oxytocine glands which create a natural hormonal spring around the bottom of the piece.


Exponius is not only about art. Its is also about sourcing Nekta's natural resources. This structure sprouted after the first visit of AS*-enabled android to Nekta. The womb has sensed the technological nature of the visitor and sprouted a metal-enhanced piece. The womb was able to create metal from elements hidden deep in Nekta's lower mantel. Current research is focused on using the womb for massive metal sourcing from Nekta.

A digital guidebook to the Exponius Humavegetative Art Exhibition.

* This digital guidebook is for humanoid visitors only and is not for copy or distribution to any other Multiverse conscious matter


While on Exponius grounds humanoid visitors MUST refrain from producing any emotion-related brainwave activity higher than 5.67 HPZ. If you are unable to perform emotional control at this level please wear a SatoriX TM helmet for blocking your brainwave transmittance. The helmets are available free of charge at the reception.

Exponius Foundation is not responsible for any outcome in violation of this safety warning.


Exponius is a self-generating organic art exhibition. The Exponius Research Center sees it mission as disseminating the site's art. Contact the staff below:

Director/Artist: Sutu
Writer: Elena Lyubarskaya
Programming: Stephen Lindberg
Sound: Lhasa Mencur
Supported by: Pixel Parlour / EPIC Agency

The Exponius Museum is a part of the Razorlegs Universe and Sci-fi comic book anthology.